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Clear, trusted support with written tasks that promotes independent learning and reasearch.

N.B. We're working hard to deliver safe, reliable Face-to-Face tuition to students during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns about how we're making in-person tuition safe you can contact us at, read more below, or investigate online support.

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Responsible, ethical written task tuition

Unlike other agencies, we have strict guidelines about the support students can and cannot receive with written assessed work - such as IAs and EEs - to ensure that every EIB student is keeping to the spirit of the IBO's academic honesty policy. By doing so, we can ensure no student enjoying the support of an IB tutor can be accused of academic dishonesty.

Start your independent work on the right foot

EIB's team of IB teachers and Examiners know how to guide and coach students with their written tasks to ensure that when they start, they're on the path to success.

Exploration & Immersion

Delve into your subject-area with expert tutors and identify potential areas for research and exploration, grapple with theory and learn how to conduct excellent research.

Structured Support

Learn how to devise and plan your writing and research rigorously, so you can work independently in the knowledge you're making the right progress.

Learn how to monitor your own progress

Aside from their exceptional history of supporting IB students, many of our tutors are also academics and researchers. We place students with tutors in their IA or EE subject-area, so you can learn from them how to interrogate your own work in a manner that's appropriate to your research field.

These independent analysis skills - taught using mark schemes, theoretical exploration and discussing examples of outstanding research - equips students with the insight and understanding to monitor their own progress as they write their IAs and EEs.

Always ensure your tutor is providing responsible support!

The IBO has strict policies regarding the support students can receive with written work. Inappropriate support can lead to disciplinary action and students being barred from passing the Diploma. Always ensure any tutor you approach is aware of these guidelines and isn’t offering support which goes against the IBOs rules. We administer strict guidelines, written with IBO Examiners, to our tutors on the limits of the support they can offer students with Internal Assessments and Extended Essays. You can contact us to speak to us about what support you can receive with an IA or EE (even if you're receiving support from a non-EIB tutor). You can read more about the support our tutors offer - and our guidelines to tutors - here.

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