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Our international team of IB tutors are the foremost team of IB & IGCSE educators. Find out more about the unrivalled online tuition we offer on the website.
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Online IB Tuition

Online tuition from our exceptional international team of tutors across the IB and IGCSE syllabi.

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Improve grades

Build confidence in your subjects and improve your IB score through targeted and personal tuition.

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The foremost team of tutors

Online tuition brings our exceptional international team of IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners straight to you.

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Powerful online tools

Digital whiteboards, video conferencing and live editing let students and tutors collaborate and share.

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Powerful online technologies bring the classroom to your home

A decade of experience has means our tutors understand how to deliver expert online tuition, which takes advantage of online tools and resources to help students learn, progress and succeed.
Improve grades

Edit, sketch, plot and share in real-time with your tutor and unlock the power of online tuition to bring the classroom directly to your laptop.

Perfect for every lesson

From plotting functions to sketching battle plans, the flexibility and responsiveness of online working spaces let students and tutors explore together in detail.

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Tuition which marries value and expertise

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. That's why we don't offer 'Exam Prep' or 'Assignment' packages - just reliable, flexible, tuition with tutors who know how to structure your lessons around you.
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Hand-picked tutors, from the foremost team

We interview, coach and regularly review every EIB tutor, and we make individual proposals of tutors to each student. That way, you get the best pick of tutor for your needs, from the foremost team of IB educators.
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Learn more about what makes EIB's online tuition the best solution for every student.

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