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How We Choose Our Tutors

Rigorous interviews, tutor training, IBO certification and more are why we’re confident calling our team the foremost IB team internationally.

A decade of discerning excellence

Our commitment to ensuring every EIB student receives unrivalled support starts with ensuring every EIB tutor is unparalleled in their IB knowledge and tutoring experience, as well as embodying the ethos and philosophy of EIB. We only accept the highest quality of tutors, and our minimum requirements for IB tutors is already exacting before prospective tutors can progress to interview.

EIB tutors are interviewed by our regional Tuition Managers - the same people who match tutors and students together - to ensure that when you speak to your Tuition Manager, they're able to match their knowledge of our tutors to your requirements in the moment.
True Educators

It's not enough to be academically successful. Every applicant must demonstrate their enthusiasm and love of teaching before being consider as an EIB tutor.

IB Experts

We only support students in the IB, and we only accept tutors who have the knowledge and understanding of the IB at a high level to tutor EIB students.

Committed to the End

Students need to know they can rely on their tutor, and so we only consider applicants who demonstrate their commitment to supporting students in the long-term.

Trained and coached

We work closely to provide training to tutors after they join our team to ensure they're providing only the best support. From online teaching methods and resources, to briefs and training by IB Examiners in syllabus changes, your EIB tutor is always ready to offer outstanding support.
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