Pre-IB Summer Course

The Pre-IB Course is the best way to ensure you’re perfectly prepared to start the International Baccalaureate in the new academic year. Our unique programme of core workshops will introduce you to the most novel aspects of the IB, and our subject tuition will make sure you hit the ground running when classes start.

Lay the groundwork for success at Elite IB's

IB Preparation Course - Amsterdam

13th - 16th August 2018


Join Elite IB Tutors this summer in Amsterdam for an IB Preparation Course designed for students about to begin their first year of the IB.

This course offers students the chance to prepare for the rigours and demands of the IB before beginning the programme in the autumn over an intensive four day period. For many students, the skills and academic qualities the IB expects students to demonstrate can be unfamiliar, and this preparation course allows you to transition into the first year of the IB with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed from the onset with confidence in your subject and level choices. The course consists of 4 days of intensive preparation, split between workshops targetting IB specific skills with Elite IB’s fantastic team of tutors.

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Course Structure:

13th & 14th August (2 days): Core IB Workshops: Integral to the Pre-IB support we offer are our Core Workshops, which introduce students to the most novel and challenging aspects of the IB which often leave them most confused and unsure. From Theory of Knowledge to subject selection, Extended Essays to Mathematics core skills, our programme of workshops is the perfect opportunity for students to get to know the IB before term starts. Tutors at the course constitute the finest members of the the team, and have received exceptional feedback from Elite IB students over the year.

Core IB Workshops:

The Goals of the IB – Whether you are entering the IB from the Middle Years Programme, GCSEs, IGCSES, or another programme, it is always daunting to be faced with a new syllabus, new teachers and new classmates. This workshop will highlight the IB’s goals and its differences from other programmes and answer questions you may have: what type of learner does the IB try to foster? What core skillsets do you need for IB success? How do I balance study time between my HLs and SLs? Are there techniques which you can put in place to help you hit the ground running?

Study Skills & Academic Writing – All students will have to write Internal Assessments, Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essays, and in this workshop, an English and History specialist and Academic Writing expert will look at the methods students must master to ensure a high-quality, analysis-driven approach to writing in the IB.

Subject Selection – Can I change between SL and HL after my first term? What can I do if I know I need HL Maths for university, but I just don’t think I can handle it? In this workshop, the focus will be on looking at those subjects which have the broadest appeal to universities and employers, and the questions to ask yourself as you make your choices, as well as providing an overview of the university application processes for both the UK and the USA.

Theory of Knowledge: An Introduction – Unique amongst educational programmes, the IB’s core Theory of Knowledge course can be daunting in its unfamiliarity. Our Theory of Knowledge workshop tutor will guide you through the groundwork so you can begin in September with a confident understanding of TOK. As part of the core, it is compulsory and contributes to the possible three bonus points on offer, which can be crucial in terms of university offers.

Extended Essay Overview – This workshop provides an opportunity to learn the answers to some of the most common questions students have about the Extended Essay: What is the Extended Essay? Which subject shall I choose for mine? Are there certain subjects I should avoid? An Extended Essay specialist will highlight the importance of forward planning – finding the right teacher, selecting the best subject and researching your ideal topic all in good time.

Maths Skills & Calculator Use – This workshop will consider the fundamental mathematical principles which run through many subjects in the IB: linear and quadratic equations, mathematical regression and many other techniques which every IB student should have up their sleeve. It will also provide students with the knowledge they need to correctly choose the right level of Maths in the IB, considering their mathematical aptitude and career goals.

15th August: Mathematics: This one-day workshop offers students a chance to experience the different types of topics and equations covered in the three different levels of Mathematics (HL, SL, Studies), and to leave with a greater idea of which level they will pursue in the IB. This is perfect both for students who want to ensure they are familiar with all pre-assumed knowledge as well as those who want a taster of what is to come in the IB.

16th August: Experimental Science: Explore both Biology and Chemistry, two of the Group 2 subject options, offering students the chance to begin looking at some of the topics in each syllabus, and hopefully offering a greater understanding for which science, if not both, the students wish to pursue in the IB.

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